Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This Wagging Dog Wednesday is featuring the beautiful Bella. She is in need of a loving family to help her feel loved, as much as she loves her stuffed toys!

This is what Wagging Dog has to share with us about Bella:

Bella is currently in boarding and she needs a happy home!  Bella wasn’t made available to the public during her stay at the shelter due to fear. Imagine what being in a noisy kennel, alone and terrified, will do to her. She’s in need of a Foster Hero fast! Our gorgeous blue fawn brindle pup has a Cane Corso style docked tail, super soft fur and whole ears (yay! #stopthecrop). She’s 60 lbs and still needs to fatten up a bit, around 18 months and puppy clumsy, and she’s scared of the world. She even had to be carried out of the shelter for her freedom ride. Now she’s spent some time in a foster home and showed signs of progress, but we need a new foster ASAP to continue her growth. We desperately need help for this pretty lady from an experienced and committed foster family in SoCal. Bella is as gorgeous on the inside as out. She’s a sweet young girl who desperately wants to be loved. She attaches quickly to people she learns to trust and gets along well with most other dogs (though very little dogs and very small children may get bowled over by her enthusiasm). She has a medium to low energy and will make a great house pet one day, but first she needs the help of a loving foster parent so she can perfect her house manners and skills and gain a little more confidence. Our goofy girl Bella is working on her potty training as she doesn’t seem to have had much experience being an indoor pet. She isn’t used to a crate either and has been working on that too. We don’t want anxiety to develop when she’s home alone so she’s learning to be a little more independent and a little less clingy. Walks are still a little scary for her although a calm doggie walking buddy helps a lot. In the comfort of her safe zone, her foster home, Bella has learned to be a dog again and enjoys toys, treats, play and all the things our family pets get to have. She has learned to go potty on pee pads, and has learned that you will come back when you leave! Those were huge steps for her. We hope to find an experienced foster family with people who are not gone all day. Bella needs a small investment of your time, love and positive energy, and she promises to be well worth the effort. Older children who won’t be knocked over by a playing Marmaduke puppy, and fun balanced medium to large male dog companions would be awesome. A home without other female large breed dogs would be strongly preferred. Rescue provides everything. You provide the love and care. Can you help? Do you know someone who might? We need a foster family to step in ASAP so Bella can learn to be the magnificent dog she was born to be. We absolutely must bust her out of the kennel before she deteriorates completely! Please send us a foster app found here – http://waggingdog.org/resources/ – and please spread the word! FOSTER@WAGGINGDOG.ORG Southern CA only please.

If you’d like to see more adorable pictures and info about Bella, please see her page at facebook.com/beautifulbellathebrave or go to facebook.com/waggingdogrescue to see more about this organization.


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