Wagging Dog Wednesday!

Wagging Dog Wednesday!
This week, Withers Dental is featuring this cool cat, oops! dog, STELLA! She is such a sweetie and we’ve seen some behind the scenes photos of her cuddling with her foster daddy too. She is a cuddly lover. Anyone interested in adopting this little lady can send an email to adoptions@waggingdog.org.
STELLA | Available!
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Meet our newest import from south o’ the border <3 Stella! Ain’t she the cutest? This petite and sweet pup was rescued from the streets of Tijuana and came through her past life with an amazing attitude. Stella is a dog with seriously The Perfect Temperament. She’s such an easy foster dog for her folks to care for and gets along great with everyone (except the chickens fyi; hey, when you live on the streets your whole life, you eat what you catch, right?. Now if we could just figure out why she isn’t gaining any weight. Not for lack of food … Stella arrived in our foster home in pretty bad shape. Her skin was so incredibly irritated with bacteria and whatever else, and those punching bags on her belly are collection sites for that itchy scratchy stuff. Now that she’s on good nutrition, getting bathed all the time, and treated with meds and supplements, her skin and fur are in much better shape although she’ll likely be afflicted with sensitivities for the rest of her life. Eventually we’ll put her under for a dental and will remove 4 of those nips while we’re at it, but first we’d really like to see her with a much rounder belly. We’ve been treating Stella for ehrlichia for a couple months but those meds are done now so the bug should certainly be gone. We’re working on the next plan of attack to get some weight on her petite 30 lb body. Meanwhile, she seems to be truly dog social and is extremely non-confrontational and low energy to boot. She does have some hunter in her and thinks chickens are more than just interesting. She even goes on point when she hears something lol. She’s super sweet, docile and affectionate but not needy. She doesn’t like to be crated but is not destructive at all, hasn’t had any accidents in the house, and likes to sleep and chill a lot. I think they’ve heard her bark once and that’s it. Perfect pocket pup? Kinda sounds like it! Stay tuned …

For more info on Stella, click here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/waggingdogrescue/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1199917673366065. 

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