Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This week we are featuring the soulful Blanco. Look into those eyes…he could definitely melt your heart!

Read this little gentleman’s journey, and click here to see more:  https://www.facebook.com/waggingdogrescue/photos/a.1287866737904491.1073741982.294289027262272/1333795486644949/?type=3&theater

Can you say EARS??!!! Gah!! The cuteness <3 Meet Blanco, one of our new Wagging Puppies! Lil B comes from one of the saddest and most underfunded ‘no kill shelters’ in SoCal, where he was kenneled in one of the main concrete runs in the shelter along with 7 or more other small dogs. No bedding and only one raised bed to share, so he chose the cement floor and let the other dogs move around him. But Blanco isn’t letting the past get the best of him. He is a sweet and happy guy, and becoming more confident by the day. We think he may be some sort of rat terrier mix. He almost looks like a fennec fox! In reality, though, we have no idea what this little nugget is made. He weighed a scant 6.6 lbs at his exam. We know he’ll definitely enjoy a polite and smaller sized playful dog pal in his forever home, and we’ll learn more about him and his big ears with the help of his foster parents. Stay tuned for Blanco’s return to health. He’ll be keeping his ears perked up in hopes of finding his forever fam in time for the holidays!!

To learn more, email adoptions@waggingdog.org. They would love to hear from you!

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