Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This Wagging Dog Wednesday is featuring our gentle giant, Sherman! He’s sweet as pie, and the apple of the Wagging Dog eye!! See what Wagging Dog Rescue has to say about this guy, and look at his adorable squishy bed time pic!

Oh Shermie… This gentle 95 lb. giant has been part of the WDR family since January 2013. We plucked him from a high kill LA shelter and adopted him to a family that spring. We thought we made a good choice for our boy, but alas he was returned to us in August 2014. His family wasn’t able to help him with his separation anxiety (http://dogtime.com/separation-anxiety.html); in fact, they didn’t try even though they assured us they’d give him their all. Instead they gave him all of their food and treats but no exercise or mental stimulation to go with it. He came back to his rescue at 112 lbs., depressed, obese, and having forgotten how to DOG. We were crushed. With the help of a team of dedicated volunteers who spent time with Sherman at his boarding kennel, over the course of the next half year and more we were able to bring Sherman back to himself and remind him about things that balanced dogs like to do (such as using their noses/brains, enjoying the company of other life forms, enjoying the walk). Unfortunately Sherm’s distress over being alone in a home setting (but oddly enough, not at the kennel) kept him out of a family and home life. Until Allison. This spring, Shermie was lucky enough to move to our most skilled foster care provider’s home, where beefcake brother Briggs is also in foster. Sherm’s been working on his crate skills and inside manners, and lo and behold he has a bevy of doggie friends! We are SO proud of him and so thrilled that this beautiful, sweet dog finally gets to enjoy some of the luxuries of a pampered house pet. And we’re so grateful to his amazing foster mom Allison, with Peticularly Perfect – North San Diego Pet Care, for giving him this opportunity and teaching him these valuable lessons. Sherm’s working hard on his distress level when people are gone and coming to respect the boundaries that have been established. Even though he’s a big mushy love, he’s still got a stubborn streak as wide as his forehead 😉 and like most blockheads, he tests limits with each new person he meets. When his miracle worker foster momma deems him ready to leave her care, we hope Sherm can find a FOREVER family who can take over where she leaves off. She’ll ensure his future family has all of the info they need to succeed, and WDR will do everything possible to make his next move a forever success. We’ll be looking for DOG SAVVY, large breed experienced folks in Southern CA with another well matched mellow companion dog to keep the boy company. A crystal clear understanding of the importance of leadership in the human-dog relationship is a must, must, must. Homeowners preferred in a single family residence with secure backyard. Renters will be required to have renter’s insurance and landlord approval. NO CATS at this time. Sherm’s working on it but for now, he’s not cat tolerant. The big love is bomb proof with humans of any size, the most loving and gentle giant around.

See more at https://www.facebook.com/pg/waggingdogrescue/photos/?tab=album&album_id=546234702067702

If you’re interested in being the forever family our Sherminator is working hard to meet, please inquire – ADOPTIONS@WAGGINGDOG.ORG Residents of Southern CA only please

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