Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This week we are featuring the brick house, Briggs! Wagging Dog Rescue snatched this cutie out of the shelter, and now he’s ready to meet his fur-ever family!

BRIGGS | Available!

Can’t. Stand. The. Cuteness.

Seriously?? This dog is SO freakin cute!! He’s big, beefy and such a sweetie – built like a linebacker 🙂 Briggs looks like an American Bully, a blend of bulldog and pit bull. He’s got bulldog nubs for teeth and a horrible hack job on his ears (which resulted in chronic ear problems causing lots of pain – lame). Briggs is a cool blue tricolor, and his former owner abandoned him at the shelter saying he was too much energy. YA RIGHT. This dog is anything but. 🙂

We think Briggs is around 3+ years and he weighs 80ish pounds. He came to us in bedraggled shape but with clean living, nutritious food and supplements, his coat has returned to full shiny health. Like most of the young dogs we get in rescue, they were raised with no boundaries by their original owners. Everyone wants a cute puppy and then they fail to provide structure and guidance. For Briggs, it would’ve cost him his life at the shelter but we were able to grab him in the eleventh hour. Briggs has been working on his manners and behavior and has come far in the very skilled care of one of our best foster homes. We saw the potential in this stocky gem of a dog and just needed the right people to help him realize it, and he’s turned into one of their fave dogs of all time! Briggs gets along great with dogs of all sizes and really enjoys playtime with pals. He loves belly rubs, is super loyal, and as you might imagine he’s something of a people magnet. Good thing he loooooves the attention!!

Beefcake Briggs is looking for a forever family with an above average understanding of dogs; a family who lives a leadership lifestyle with your well mannered animals. He needs people willing to set boundaries – for life, not just a few months – in a quieter child free home environment. A well matched, calm adult companion dog might be nice but not necessary for this people lover. He’s not cat tolerant. Briggs has been learning that Nothing In Life Is Free – NILIF. This lifestyle philosophy will help Briggs continue to excel in his forever future with YOU 🙂 He’s working on not jumping up when he gets excited and although it’s a tough habit to break, he’s really excelling. Oh, and be prepared for LOTS of kisses!

In the meantime, if you need more cuteness overload, check out his album. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/294289027262272/photos/?tab=album&album_id=976213849069783

Inquire today and schedule a time to meet our resident beefcake Briggs!!

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