Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This week’s Wagging Dog is the Lovely Lillian!

This pretty lady with the adorable underbite is Lillian, a white and tan gal of around 15 pounds and 4 years. We think she looks like a pug Jack Russell blend, possibly with some chihuahua thrown in for good measure. Whatever her genetics, we know for sure that Lillian has been a great momma to her two baby pups. Now that they’re leaving the nest, she’s ready to find true love of her own. Could you be the forever family she dreams of?

Lillian found herself stuck at the Downey shelter earlier this year, large and uncomfortable as she was just about ready to give birth to her babes. We weren’t able to let this family come into this world in our foster home, but we did get them the very next day. Even with such a traumatic experience, this pretty lady kept her chin out 🙂 and adapted to these drastic changes in her young life. We don’t know if she had a family before but if so, it doesn’t seem like they ever had anything to do with her. She seemed almost feral when we first met her, but she’s quickly learning that being a cherished part of a family inside a warm, loving home can be quite nice.

Lovely Lillian can be head shy, and slow movements and a chin scratch make her feel safer than hands reaching over her head. She clearly has never been walked on a leash so her foster family is showing her how fun family walks can be. Lillian’s pretty low energy so, while still necessary for exercise, her walks are more for bonding and trust time. She’s definitely shown us how much she really wants to trust and love us. While wary of new people at first, she gains comfort quickly and is also a fan of treats which helps! Lillian’s a real velcro dog with her trusted humans, and she might even let out a bark or two when she’s feeling extra lonely. She’s very responsive to verbal correction and really wants to please, and she’ll quiet down with a single request from her beloved people. She’s crate trained and perfecting her house manners and skills, and she’s looking for a single family home with or without a backyard. Children over 10 if any are fine, and cats likely okay too. A companion dog is not necessary as Lillian would probably enjoy being the belle of the ball in her future family. Like all dogs, she needs humans willing to provide leadership and set boundaries so she can continue being a model furry family member.

Our queen of the underbite was spayed and had a dental so her grill’s sparkly clean now for her happy smile when you meet her 🙂 We can’t wait for this sweet girl to have all the love and responsible care that she deserves with a forever family of her own!

Southern CA only please

Lillian and her babes are sponsored by: THEODORA <3

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