Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

This Wagging Dog Wednesday is featuring one of Wagging Dog Rescue’s very own heart stealers Rufus.  We are hoping some of you could find it in your very own hearts to help sponsor this little angel through surgery! Take a look below and read through this cutie’s story.

<3 RUFUS update <3

Rufus’ second surgery fundraiser – http://youcaring.com/rufus-poodle

This sweet little face, so nicely coiffed for his recheck at Veterinary Specialty Hospital yesterday, will be going in for another jaw surgery with Dr. Pike next week (July 26). The bone that was grafted in the first surgery unfortunately didn’t generate more bone. It became scar tissue which is the next best thing but we were of course hoping. The poor dog didn’t have anything remaining in the lower left jaw anyway so it was probably asking a lot of the graft to recreate the entire side. With nothing to attach a plate to in the back, we’ll be removing the hardware placed for the graft and hope that the scar tissue is enough to stabilize his cute face so whatever’s left on that side doesn’t also have to come out.

Meanwhile, Rufus remains the sweetest little dog who must have a vast collection of stolen hearts. Everyone he meets is instantly smitten <3 Whoever gets to adopt this little guy will be so lucky to have such a special pup. It’s so rewarding to see his tail wag and such an honor for him to ask for pets and attention and want to sit next to you, or on you. After all this dog has been through at the hands of human excrement, we humans are really lucky people to be so easily forgiven.

Please keep our little crooked face close to your hearts this week while we anxiously await Tuesday morning. We would be so grateful for your ‪#‎taxdeductible‬ ‪#‎donation‬ to help us pay for his final surgery. The estimate is between $1,100-1200+ after our rescue discount. (Estimate is in Rufus’ FB album – https://www.facebook.com/waggingdogrescue/photos/…)

It’s been a long road for our little love and some of his WDR siblings this year, and our medical bills have been insane. But once we accept these guys into our rescue family, we’ll do what needs to be done to return them to health, happiness and a special forever home. We couldn’t do it without our extended rescue team of donors, volunteers and fosters, vets and staff, networkers, adopters and cheering squad! Thank you for helping us to help sweet Rufus and his pals Nova, Fern and the rest of the Wagging Dogs.

We love you, Rufie. Hang in there, buddy. We’re almost done!

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