Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

Wagging Dog Wednesdays!

From now on, every Wednesday we will feature a dog from our friends at Wagging Dog Rescue!  We are happy to help find homes for these furry friends, and a new best friend for someone with some love to give.


Our very first installment is not ONE but TWO doggies that are ready for a forever home!


*** These two Italian stallions (more like geldings) are in need of a Forever Home! Breed experience preferred. Quiet home environment a must. Please spread the word!! ***


Basil + Gio are a TRUE BONDED PAIR of Italian greyhounds. I personally see this only rarely regardless of how many times you see ‘bonded pair’ on social media dog networking threads. These two male iggies are SO co-dependant upon each other that they literally can not survive apart. Mostly it’s Gio, the blue fawn boy, who can not live without his larger and possibly older black and white (seal Irish) brother Basil. Twu wuv.

B+G hail from the OC shelter where they were picked up as strays. They are estimated around 7-8 years of age, only halfway through their lives. Basil is a biggie iggie at 15.5+ lbs. and Gio is still a good size IG but thin at 12+ lbs. We have no history for them but clearly they came from the same former home although not littermates. For anyone familiar with this breed, you’ll know that finding themselves abandoned, alone on the streets and then in a high intake municipal shelter is not something iggies tolerate well. We knew we had to get them out of there and make sure they find the right forever family someday.

Basil checked out fine during his vet exam although he’s a bit thick for an IG. Gio’s liver isn’t working right, but after placing him on a vegetarian kibble diet and adding in some probiotics, he’s gaining weight and looking better! Gio takes a liquid medicine like a champ twice a day to control seizures. He’s a little high strung and definitely needs calm energy and humans in his life, and we can’t help but wonder if his seizures are actually anxiety induced. We’re desperately searching for a quiet home with adults who have a calm energy about them. No cats for sure, and preferably one or no other dogs as they aren’t very well socialized and seem to have never been walked 🙁 So sad.

Such a dynamic duo, these two. We’re excited to learn more about them and their co-dependancy upon each other through the care of good foster parents. We’re just glad they still have each other after all they have been thru.

If you have IG experience (preferred but not required), understand leadership and are willing to set boundaries, and lead a quiet lifestyle filled with love in a single family home with secure yard (children high school age and older only), please inquire about our two big iggies Basil+Gio. They are special boys, just like all IGs, and will complete a special forever family in SoCal. The boys need an immediate foster home but if you’re interested in giving them a forever home, please inquire!

Southern California only please

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